"Powerful Grace"
There's a power in my breast that longs to be free
And to quench it, suppress it, just wouldn't be me.
It glows like an ember and smolders inside;
If I nurture and fan it, upon it I'll ride.

To set sail on thin air is an eagle's delight,
The redwoods stretch tall, reaching up to the light.
The humpbacks show grace as they reach for the sun,
And I fan my own ember when I stretch up in fun.

When I beat air around me, I claim it as mine;
Fanning my ember and making it shine.
It glows, grows, consumes me,
gives me strength to go on;
Drives me through time, to tomorrow, beyond.

The strength I receive as I reach out and grow
Continues to nourish as onward I go.
The air that I claim, I'll leave without trace,
'Till I claim yet some more with "Powerful Grace."
Edition size 10, approximately 24" tall.
Available with your choice of any patina
$5500.00 US
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