"Over the Top"
This is the only officially authorized bronze of
the new world record typical Rocky Mountain Elk
taken by Alonzo Winters. This elk beat out the
long-standing Plutte Bull taken back in 1899 in
Dark Canyon, CO. The new record, called
"Winters' Royal," scores 442 5/8. It is depicted
here jumping "Over the Top" of the Plutte Bull
rack. Both racks are done to the same scale with
exacting attention to detail. The edition size is
limited to 75 and there are only a few pieces
left for availability.

$6500 US
Pictured at left are Jim Zumbo, Larry
Gay, and Alan Ellsworth, owner of the new
world record head. This was taken at the
23rd Boone and Crockett banquet in 1998.
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