Pictured at left are Milo Hanson
and Larry Gay at the Dixie Deer
Classic in Raleigh, NC, at the
unveiling of the bronze. The
Hanson Buck is seen in the
background in the glass case.
"Land of Legends"
This is the only authorized bronze of the Hanson
Buck, the new World Record whitetail deer taken
by Milo Hanson. The bronze depicts the Hanson
Buck breaking down the barrier set up by the
Jordan Buck, which held the record for nearly 80
years. The Jordan Buck is sculpted to scale and is
now left on the other side as a fallen record. After
breaking down the barrier the Hanson Buck has
now landed in the "Land of Legends." This bronze
comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by
both Larry Gay and Milo Hanson.

Retail Price is $6,500.00
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