"Jeremiah Two-Claws"

In 1858 in the Crazy Woman Mountains
of Montana lived a trapper by the name
of Jeremiah McKenna. He came upon
the bodies of three young Sioux braves
who had been killed by a large grizzly
bear. In the battle the young men had
wounded the giant by cutting off three
claws of a front paw. Jeremiah set out,
trapped the bear, and returned the
hide to the village to avenge their
brave deaths. The Sioux were so
thankful that they made him a member
of the tribe, gave him the other two
claws to wear as a badge of honor and
changed his name to "Two-Claws".

"He was born as Jeremiah,
But the Sioux, they canged his name;

Because of what he did for them,
It's "Two-Claws" he'll remain."

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